Primary Teacher Wants Suhada Maru from Rathnapura to Colombo

A primary teacher wants suhada maru from Rathnapura to Colombo, Kottawa, Homagama or Maharagama. T1113


Sri Lanka Job Vacancies in Government, Banks - At Airport & More

Sri Lanka Job Vacancies in Government, Banks - At Airport & More

This blog offers Sri Lanka job vacancies and related sources for each vacancies. When finding Sri Lanka job vacancies, you have to be careful, because there are a lot of online scams over there on the internet. I would like to discuss the Sri Lanka job vacancies under several categories such as online jobs, offline jobs, office jobs, swayan rakiya and so on.
Sri Lanka Government & Private Sector Job Vacancies
If you are interested in finding Sri Lanka government vacancies, I have mentioned some sources where you can find suitable government career as your wish. Consider that I have no any responsible regarding these jobs. My only part is forwarding you some existing Sri Lanka job vacancies for your information.

Sri Lanka Ministry of Education vacancies can check from
Government Gazette Vacancies
Ministry of Higher Education

Minister of Health, Sri Lanka job vacancies at
Sri Lanka government gazette
Health ministry vacancies page

Ministry of Transport & Civil Aviation Vacancies at
Vacancies in government gazette
Gazette railway

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There are a lot of Sri Lanka job vacancies available at government ministries & private sectors. Time to time, I update this blogger page for more information. So, keep your eye on at Sri Lanka job vacancies here.


Development Officer Needs Mutual Transfers From Colombo to Galle

A development officer needs mutual transfers from Colombo to Galle, Baddegama, Nagoda, Yakkalamulla, Poddala or Akmeemana. T1111


Nursing Officer Wants Mutual Transfers from Anuradhapura to Kandy

A nursing officer wants mutual transfers from Anuradhapura to Kandy, Kegalle, Peradeniya, Warakapola or Mawanalla. T1110



Development Officer wants Mutual Transfers from Embilipitiya to Tangalle,Agunukolapalassa

A development officer wants mutual transfers from Embilipitiya to Tangalle, Agunukolapalassa, Ambalantota or Beliatta. T1108


Land for Sale in Sri Lanka | Advertise for Free - CellMax

Land for Sale in Sri Lanka | Advertise for Free - CellMax

Land for Sale in Sri Lanka CellMax ImageCellMax offers land for sale in Sri Lanka facility to the nation without any fee. We want to help people from free advertising at land for sale in Sri Lanka and get their property sold. As we all known, there are 100s of websites out there selling spaces and make money from customers. So, please use our free land for sale in Sri Lanka service and comment us.
If you have a land for sale in Sri Lanka, email us your details with photos. Your accurate and legal information are highly appreciated. All new advertisements we display at the top of the page and when new advertisement receive, your one go one step down. For more information please contact us with given email address. Thank you from land for sale in Sri Lanka team.

Teacher Wants Mutual Transfers from Kalutara to Gampola or Nuwaraeliya

A teacher wants mutual transfers from Kalutara to Gampola or Nuwaraeliya. T1107


Sinhala English Translation Tool - CellMax

Sinhala English Translation Tool - CellMax

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Sinhala English Translation Tool

Kindling Cracker SSP | Splitter from Canada, UK, Amazon | | KindlingCrackerSSP

Kindling Cracker SSP | Splitter from Canada, UK, Amazon | KindlingCrackerSSP

Kindling Cracker CellMaxWhat is kindling cracker SSP (kindling splitter)? OK, kindling cracker is a small machine that we use to chop firewood. This is made in an Australian foundry. Kindling Cracker is invented by Ayla Hutchinson who was studying at grade 8 in Norfolk Primary School. She was looking for an idea to her school project. And her mother got injured while chopping kindling with a tomahawk axe. As a result of these two incidents, kindling cracker was invented. Ayla submitted her invention in 2013 New Zealand National Agricultural Fieldays in the Waikoto. She got prices for Kindling Cracker SSP (kindling splitter) and started production with more quality.

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Kindling Cracker for Sale
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