Internet Jobs (Antharjala Rekiya) In Sri Lanka | InternetiaJobsius Co. Ltd

Internet Jobs (Antharjala Rekiya) In Sri Lanka | InternetiaJobsius Co. Ltd

You may already have heard about Internet Jobs (Antharjala Rekiya) which we can do using a computer and internet connection from your home. Few weeks ago, I saw a Srilankan website that asks money to teach about internet jobs ideas (at InternetiaJobsius Co. Ltd). They have mentioned some basic topics that they are going to teach under this paid lessons. There were some funny internet jobs ideas such as click on advertisements, reading emails and so on. You must keep in your mind that there are no easy ways to make money on the internet. You have to spend your time and money ( for using of internet, your
computer and electricity) to be succeeded in this field. I wish to advice you not to pay any money to get or learn about online jobs (InternetiaJobsius Co. Ltd). So, I would like to introduce some internet money making opportunities for your information one by one. Please be patient and regularly visit this page to read new opportunities I have added here.

Make money writing articles online
Do you have any skills on writing articles? There are some internet jobs sites pay you for quality and unique articles that have been written under their guidelines. I have worked and earned some real money from these sites few months ago. However, with my busy life, I couldn't carry out these works so far. I have listed some sites below for your information and you can start making money when register with them.

People who don't like writing articles, can earn money from offline jobs. You can find more work at home jobs at CellMax swayan rakiya page. We update the page every Monday & Friday.

Earn money uploading videos to YouTube
YouTube is the biggest online social video site on the internet. There are tons of various kind of videos around the world. If you are interested in making money by uploading videos, this can be a great idea for you. YouTube pay $1-2 per 1000 views. To enable making money in your YouTube account, there should be at least 10,000 total hits in your account. This can be used as part-time internet jobs

Affiliate Marketing Income
You have opportunities to make money selling others products or services. This is called as affiliate marketing. You can join with affiliate networks such as, Commission Junction and Clickbank to earn from home.

Make Money Google Adsense
Google Adsense is a dominant online money making program over the internet.  Millions of people around the world make legitimate money using Google Adsense. You need a website or blog site to make money with Adsense. Sign-up here.

Make Money Paid Survey
There are some sites on the internet which paid their members for participating with their marketing research programs (survey). You can see a lot of online survey sites that are legit and have paid their members over and over. Some famous sites are,, and Opinion Outpost.

Make Money Blogging
Next internet jobs idea is blogging. There is an opportunities to make money using a blog. This call as make money blogging. If you can create and maintain a blog under your favorite topic, you are eligible to this dominant online money making opportunity. After creating your blog, regularly post blog articles that relate to your blog. Also, learn some search engine optimization methods using the internet. Also, you can comment on others blogs and forums with your blog-site link. Then, you will be able to drive some site traffic to the blog you created. Now, you can use Adsense, affiliate programs & direct Ads to earn income from your blog.

Note: InternetiaJobsius Co. Ltd is our promotional name.
I wish to submit more legitimate internet jobs opportunities as soon as I get new information.
2018-05-29 18:32:50


  1. Getting internet jobs are easy. But, finding legitimate internet jobs are very hard. There are full of internet scams over the internet. So, be careful before finding internet jobs.

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