Ceylon Cinnamon Sticks, Powder, Exporters & Benefits Sri Lanka

Ceylon Cinnamon Sticks, Powder, Exporters & Benefits Sri Lanka

Ceylon Cinnamon Sticks CellMax ImageThere are some other words that use for ceylon cinnamon sticks. There some differences in between ceylon cinnamon sticks & cassia cinnamon. The other names that we use for ceylon cinnamon are real cinnamon, true cinnamon, mexican cinnamon, cinnamomum verum and canela. Ceylon cinnamon stick is soft, but cassia is harder than ceylon cinnamon. Ceylon cinnamon bark and flake easily than cassia cinnamon. CCS grinding to powder is very easy. Ceylon cinnamon sticks are made of inner bark of the cinnamon tree. This is done by skilled tradesmen using special hand crafted work. Finding skilled human force to this process is very very limited. But, Sri lanka make world best ceylon cinnamon sticks in the world.
Ceylon Cinnamon Powder

Cinnamon Exporters in Sri Lanka

Impex Corporation Pvt Ltd
145, Bluemendel Rd, Colombo 13, Sri Lanka
Tel: (94) 11-2436565

Samagi Spice Exports Pvt Ltd
No. 233/20, Pitigala Rd, Palawatta
Tel: (94) 34-2284121


Mutual Transfers ( Suhada Maru ) : Nursing, Teachers Sri Lanka | Mutual Transfer Application

Mutual Transfers ( Suhada Maru ) : Nursing, Teachers Sri Lanka | Mutual Transfer Application

We are mutual transfers ( Suhada Maru ) helping unit, make necessary arrangements to match people with their mutual transfers (suhada maru) partner in the fields of nursing, teaching and others ( Development officer/ Sanwardana Niladhari, management assistant & more). People are searching for suhada maru partner in various districts in Sri Lanka daily. Mostly, we have got mutual transfers from Colombo, Kandy, Gampaha, Kalutara, Galle and Matara districts. Majority visitors of our site are teachers, nurses and development officers ( development assistant ).
If you wish to join with us by adding your mutual transfer (suhada maru) advertisement on our site, please SMS your whole information that related to your mutual transfers to one of our mobile numbers ( 078 733 41 10 or 070 271 37 58) including your name, contact phone number as soon as possible. We are not displaying your name and contact details to the public because of security situation.
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Also, we hope your help to carry-out our service quality and up-to date. We would like to thank you for reading mutual transfers ( suhada maru ) starting page year 2016 & 2017 in Sri Lanka. Download mutual transfer application here.

Mutual Transfer Related Sources

Here, I would like to submit some sources which related to mutual transfer.


Galle Face Hotel Colombo ( Restaurants, Buffet, Wedding & Contact Numbers )

Galle Face Hotel Colombo ( Restaurants, Buffet, Wedding & Contact Numbers )

The galle face hotel, one of the oldest hotel in Asia, is located at no. 2, Galle road, Colombo 03, Sri Lanka. Galle face hotel founded in the year 1864. It is listed under "1000 places to see before die" in the book of the same name. The hotel got "best heritage hotel" title in three years at the presidential awards under travel & tourism  of Sri Lanka from 2010 to 2012. And also galle face hotel received the best international heritage hotel PATA award in 2012. The hotel originally built by 4 british entrepreneurs in 1864. Galle face green is another name that use for this hotel.

Facilities of Galle face hotel
The hotel has three seaspray sea food restaurants. Two bars and a pub.
Galle face hotel has a museum and art gallery. Houses the first car that Prince Phillip, Duke of Edinburgh owned.
The hotel has a small pool which has sea water. This pool is very close to the Indian Ocean.
There is a black and white square Chequerboard.

Photos of Hotel


Hotel Contact Details
2 Galle Road, Colombo 3 - Sri Lanka
Tel: +94 11 254 1010
Website: https://gallefacehotel.com/en/
For more details, please visit Galle Face Hotel web.



Gossip Lanka News at CellMax 99 | Hot English News Today

Gossip Lanka News at CellMax 99 | Hot English News Today

From today, we submit here gossip lanka news page to those who are interested in reading gossip hot news. When we make gossip lanka news blog page, we have got information from some websites where we redirect you to read full story of lanka news (gossip). We would like to thanks them for the summary that we have mentioned here. This gossip lanka news page only for your information. We have no any responsibility about any story in this page.

Aviation Website Was Hacked - General Hot News
A person who had hacked Aviation website, was taken into custody on 16th November 2017. The suspect, Hashan Chathuranga Silva have prepared a fake pilot's license & replaced such pilot's photo which was at aviation website with his own photo and details. Read More..

Kappan Raaju Attacks Luxury Bus in Dambulla - General Hot News
An elephant who is called as "Kappan Raaju" has attacked to luxury bus which traveled to Sithulpavva from Kataragama. This bus occupied by Dambulla Acting Magistrate and his family. The elephant has damaged the bus & when it got some foods, it has turned to the forest. A person who traveled in this bus have recorded the scene with his mobile phone. You can read gossip lanka news more details: Read Full Story...

A Super High Technology Parking Place at Kottawa - Government News
A super high technology and international standard hot vehicle parking place is being constructed  at Kottawa these days. Separate spaces have been allocated for buses, trains and private vehicles. Check-out the video and information here. Read More...

Smart ID Cards Issuing Have Been Started from Today - Government News 
Gossip lanka hot news has announced that Smart ID Cards which replace the old National ID, have been started issuing from today (27th of October 2017) by the department of registration of people in Sri Lanka. This card is valid until the planned electronic national ID cards is introduced. Some delays of gathering information from people is the reason of delaying of planned electronic national ID cards. Read More...

Actor Titus Anthony has Passed Away - Celebrity News
Famous actor Senaka Titus Anthony who plays the role of "Austin Aiya" in the teledrama "Koombiyo" has passed away. He was the brother of famous drama and movie actor Jackson Anthony. Read More...

Somasiri Alakolanga (Actor) Becomes Buddhist Priest (Monk) - Celebrity News
Popular actor, Somasiri Alakolanga has entered to the priesthood recently at Jayasumanarama Viharaya. He got close to the Sri Lankan through teledramas and cinema during the past years. He is not acting in these fields in future. Get gossip lanka news in details: Read More... 
Satanic Influence on Female Workers??? - Health News
A group of ladies who work in private garment factory in Hatton (Norwood) had fallen sick in the morning 9th October, 2017. This situation is suspected as Satanic Influence. A group of doctors have visited to the factory and examined the mentioned workers. They announced that these ladies have no any physical sickness and few of them have been requested to visit Psychologist. Read Full Story ...

Only 6,000 Doctors Pay Income Tax out of 39,000 - Government News
Inland Revenue Department has examined to get income tax from all people who are over 18 years old. For that IRD hopes to join with another 35 government institutions & achieve the target. At present the government get 625 billion income from taxes and hope to increase it up-to 1200 billion by the year 2020. They further said that only 6,000 out of 39,000 of registered doctors pay tax. Read Full Story ...
You can check more news at gossip lanka c, derana gossip, gossip lanka 9 and gossip lanka news today with out any delay.
Every two days we update gossip lanka news. So, keep stay with us for more interesting stories. 


Hotels in Matara Sri Lanka (wedding, honeymoon, beach & more)

This article shows hotels in matara Sri Lanka. We have used several hotel search engines which have full details on hotels in matara. All matara hotels which have listed here are very good condition & with full of all facilities for the customers. We are updating regularly this page to forward latest hotels in Matara information.

Hotels in Matara

  • Turtle Eco Beach

You can walk to the hotel from the beach within one minutes. It is in Matara and 35.4 km from the Galle. This hotel has outdoor pool and terrace. You can get free wifi. Turtle Eco Beach hotel has restaurant, bar and swimming pool. Private parking are also available. This is one of the best hotels in Matara. For more details please visit...Turtle Eco...

  •  Kaminrich Cottage ( hotels in matara)
 This is located in Matara. Free wifi and a year-round out door pool available here. It offer accommodation & you can enjoy in the restaurant. Free private parking facilities are available here. This is situated 35.4 km from Galle and 32.2 km from Unawatuna. Nice beach hotels in matara.
visit..Kaminrich Cottage..

Except those, there are many more nice hotels in matara.


Sampath Bank Vacancies for School Leavers | Application Form 2018 | SampathBank@SMB

Sampath Bank Vacancies
I would like to introduce, Sampath Bank vacancies which are existing in the current year all over the Sri Lanka. You can access Sampath Bank Vacancies from various locations on the internet. I have collected all of these links and forward you to apply for your most suitable job vacancy. Sampath Bank (SampathBank@SMB) is one of the leading public banking service in Sri Lanka as well as overseas too. You can see, there are a lot of facilities available for Sampath customers.
Most Sampath Bank vacancies are published on their website. So, you can visit their web and apply for the vacancy. Also, you can use below links to check their careers.

Find Seylan Bank vacancies here.

Note: SampathBank@SMB is our promotional name

A lot of candidates are waiting for Sampath Bank to get a suitable jobs for their life. There are many branches around the Sri Lanka. Staff is very kind and customer friendly. There are no bank which is similar to Sampath Bank. We are always in alert of Sampath Bank vacancies. So, you can regularly visit and check for more Sampath Bank Vacancies in future.


Sampath Bank Branches | Contact Numbers Colombo, Maharagama, Borella

Sampath Bank Branches | Contact Numbers Colombo, Maharagama, Borella

Sampath Bank Branches CellMax
This post brings you sampath bank branches in Colombo and other areas. We have provided telephone numbers for sampath bank branches alphabetically and contact numbers.

No. 71A, Matara Road, Ahangama.
+94 91 2282902/3

Airport Katunayake

No. 61, Sulaiman Shopping Complex, Main Street, Akkaraipattu
Contact Numbers : +94 67 2279 197/8

No. 14/16, Pitabeddara Road, Akuressa.
+94 41 2284 650/1

Alawwa ( sampath bank branches )
No. 9, 9/1, Giriulla Road, Alawwa.
+94 37 2279 209/463

No.334/C,Kurusa Junction,Pamunugama,Alubomulla,Panadura

No. 405, Galle Road, Aluthgama.
+94 34 2290 861/2

No. 118 A, New Road, Ambalangoda.
Contact Numbers +94 91 2255 571/3

No. 138 D, Tissa Road, Ambalantota.
+94 47 2225 506-8

No.50 /1/1,Ambatale,Mulleriyawa New Town,Ambatale

No. 9, D S Senanayake Road, Ampara.
+94 63 2223 840/1

No. 69, Galgamuwa Road, Anamaduwa.
+94 32 2263 042/3

Anuradhapura New Town
No. 521/19, Maithripala Senanayake Mawatha, New town, Anuradhapura
+94 25 2226 190/1

Anuradhapura Super
No.268, Maithripala Senanayake Mawatha,Anuradhapura.
+94 25 2235 026/7, +94 25 2235 059

Aralaganwila ( sampath bank branches )
No. 113, New Town, Aralaganwila.
+94 27 2257 204/5

At Arpico Galle road Dehiwala

No. 106, Borella Road, Athurugiriya.
+94 11 2563 612, +94 11 2156 081

No. 202, Main Road, Attidiya.
+94 11 2725 668

No. 64, Yatiyantota Road, Avissawella.
+94 36 2222 011/2

No. 68, Galle-Baddegama Road, Baddegama.
+94 91 2293 230/1

No. 14, Dharmadutha Road, Badulla.
Contact Numbers: +94 55 2225 450/1

No. 117, Barnes Ratwatta Mawatha, Balangoda.
+94 45 2288 793-5

Bambalapitiya ( sampath bank branches )
No. 1-01 Majestic City, Station Road, Bambalapitiya, Colombo 04.
+94 11 2502 686, +94 11 2501 829

Bambalapitiya Flats
Bambalapitiya Housing Scheme,Galle Road,Colombo.04

No. 61 A, Kalutara Road, Bandaragama.
+94 38 2289 898/9

No. 253,255, Main Street, Bandarawela.
+94 57 2223 720/1

No. 157, Main Street, Battaramulla.
+94 11 2861 805/6

Mardana Road, Colombo.

Maharagama (Read more details about Maharagama Bank)
272, Highlevel Road

Battaramulla Off-Site
No. 71, Wickramasinghapura, Battaramulla.
Above sampath bank branches are presently active and we update the page regularly to add latest information on sampath bank branches and contact numbers.


A Public Management Assistant Wishes Suhada Maru From Narahenpita to Kegalle

A public management assistant wishes suhada maru from Narahenpita (labour office) to Kegalle, Rambukkana or Kuliyapitiya. T1095


A Teacher Needs Suhada Maru From Polonnaruwa to Anuradhapura

A teacher who teaches A/L (Commerce) Needs Suhada Maru From Polonnaruwa to Anuradhapura. T1094

DFCC Bank - Careers in Branches 2018 - Application Form | dfccbankiaNET

DFCC Bank - Careers in Branches 2018 - Application Form | dfccbankiaNET

DFCC Bank Vacancies
How to find DFCC Bank vacancies?
DFCC bank careers (at dfccbankiaNET) are displayed time to time in the bank website vacancy page. DFCC Bank cordially invite you to join with their working crew and grow with your own passion for the success. DFCC Bank offer variety of benefits & a culture to their lovely staff members. The bank has established in the year 1955. During the past 60 years, DFCC Bank staff have served million of their customers with their heart.
If you hope to find DFCC Bank PLC for vacancies (careers) or application form in 2018, Just visit the following pages and go through.
(School leavers are welcome, application form and more for the year 2018)
Job Vacancies at SmartMarket

Note: dfccbankiaNET is our promotional name

Come & join with us! Build your prosperous! search DFCC Bank vacancies & carriers in branches!