Gossip Lanka News at CellMax 99 | Hot English News Today

Gossip Lanka News at CellMax 99 | Hot English News Today

From today, we submit here gossip lanka news page to those who are interested in reading gossip hot news. When we make gossip lanka news blog page, we have got information from some websites where we redirect you to read full story of lanka news (gossip). We would like to thanks them for the summary that we have mentioned here. This gossip lanka news page only for your information. We have no any responsibility about any story in this page.

Aviation Website Was Hacked - General Hot News
A person who had hacked Aviation website, was taken into custody on 16th November 2017. The suspect, Hashan Chathuranga Silva have prepared a fake pilot's license & replaced such pilot's photo which was at aviation website with his own photo and details. Read More..

Kappan Raaju Attacks Luxury Bus in Dambulla - General Hot News
An elephant who is called as "Kappan Raaju" has attacked to luxury bus which traveled to Sithulpavva from Kataragama. This bus occupied by Dambulla Acting Magistrate and his family. The elephant has damaged the bus & when it got some foods, it has turned to the forest. A person who traveled in this bus have recorded the scene with his mobile phone. You can read gossip lanka news more details: Read Full Story...

A Super High Technology Parking Place at Kottawa - Government News
A super high technology and international standard hot vehicle parking place is being constructed  at Kottawa these days. Separate spaces have been allocated for buses, trains and private vehicles. Check-out the video and information here. Read More...

Smart ID Cards Issuing Have Been Started from Today - Government News 
Gossip lanka hot news has announced that Smart ID Cards which replace the old National ID, have been started issuing from today (27th of October 2017) by the department of registration of people in Sri Lanka. This card is valid until the planned electronic national ID cards is introduced. Some delays of gathering information from people is the reason of delaying of planned electronic national ID cards. Read More...

Actor Titus Anthony has Passed Away - Celebrity News
Famous actor Senaka Titus Anthony who plays the role of "Austin Aiya" in the teledrama "Koombiyo" has passed away. He was the brother of famous drama and movie actor Jackson Anthony. Read More...

Somasiri Alakolanga (Actor) Becomes Buddhist Priest (Monk) - Celebrity News
Popular actor, Somasiri Alakolanga has entered to the priesthood recently at Jayasumanarama Viharaya. He got close to the Sri Lankan through teledramas and cinema during the past years. He is not acting in these fields in future. Get gossip lanka news in details: Read More... 
Satanic Influence on Female Workers??? - Health News
A group of ladies who work in private garment factory in Hatton (Norwood) had fallen sick in the morning 9th October, 2017. This situation is suspected as Satanic Influence. A group of doctors have visited to the factory and examined the mentioned workers. They announced that these ladies have no any physical sickness and few of them have been requested to visit Psychologist. Read Full Story ...

Only 6,000 Doctors Pay Income Tax out of 39,000 - Government News
Inland Revenue Department has examined to get income tax from all people who are over 18 years old. For that IRD hopes to join with another 35 government institutions & achieve the target. At present the government get 625 billion income from taxes and hope to increase it up-to 1200 billion by the year 2020. They further said that only 6,000 out of 39,000 of registered doctors pay tax. Read Full Story ...
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  1. I red the smart ID issuing news in another e news webs few days ago. They had mentioned this issuing as planned national ID cards. What is the correct? Gossip lanka news website also mentioned what you have written here.