Sampath Bank PLC Borella Branch | Circuitbank Co.

Sampath Bank PLC Borella Branch at Circuitbank Co.

Sampath Bank Borella CellMax
You can find Sampath Bank PLC (Borella Branch) address, telephone number, branch code, bank code and email address here (at Circuitbank Co.).

Sampath Bank Borella
No. 1022, Maradana Road,
Colombo 08

Telephone Number
011 2691121


Branch Code

Bank Code

Note: Circuitbank Co. is our promotional name.

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Seylan Bank Nugegoda Branch Details | SeylanikaBankyo Co.

Seylan Bank Nugegoda Branch Details | SeylanikaBankyo Co.

Seylan Bank Nugegoda CellMax
Find here, Seylan Bank Nugegoda (SeylanikaBankyo Co.) Branch's address, telephone number, branch code, email and fax number.

Seylan Bank
No. 211, High Level Road, Nugegoda

Telephone Number
011 2811180

Fax Number
011 2811182


Branch Code

Note: SeylanikaBankyo Co. is our promotional name for (internet) purposes.

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Sampath Bank Nugegoda Branch | CellMax

Sampath Bank Nugegoda Branch | CellMax

Sampath Bank Nugegoda CellMax
Read details of Sampath Bank Nugegoda address, telephone number, email, branch code and bank code number.

Sampath Bank PLC
No 79A
Stanley Thilakarathna Mawatha

Contact Number
+94112816288 | +94112816289



Branch Code

Bank Code


Sampath Bank | Maharagama Branch | SampathBank@MHG

Sampath Bank at Maharagama Super Branch | SampathBank@MHG

Find here, Sampath Bank Maharagama (SampathBank@MHG), address, telephone number, email, branch code & bank code details.

Sampath Bank
No 272, Highlevel Road

Contact Number



Branch Code

Bank Code
Note: SampathBank@MHG is our promotional name.


Findmyfare - Cheap Flights & Hotels Booking

Findmyfare - Cheap Flights & Hotels Booking | CellMax

Findmyfare at CellMaxWhat is Findmyfare (FMF)
Findmyfare is largest and first online travel company in Sri Lanka. Findmyfare.com has created to share joy of travel with others. It offers lowest travel rates in the country. Findmyfare has gained a reputation as a problem solver and an innovation service provider. Some services that you can get from FMF are free price comparison of various travel careers, hassle free booking and the booking model addresses customers’ requirements. Findmyfare work with all major international airlines and over 500,000 hotels around the world, very closely. This great service help us to find best travel prices and holiday options on our travel to any location in the world.

International Hotel Booking
This is one of the leading opportunity that we can get from findmyfare company. There are inter connection between FMF and all hotels around the world. This will help you to find your best holiday accomodation in the world with one click. To book your international hotel go to FindmyFare

Find International Airline
Findmyfare helps you to select lowest airline that suit you most in the world. This is the most important thing in your journey. Get you Airline at FindmyFare.com

How to Contact
You can use below information to contact them anytime.

Findmyfare Travel Shop - Bambalapitiya
No 329,
Galle Road,
Colombo 04,
(Meewella Building).
Sri Lanka.

FMF Corporate Travel - World Trade Center
Level - 3,
West Tower,
Echelon Square,
World Trade Center,
Colombo 01,
Sri Lanka.

+94 (0)117 24 7 365


This is one of the best and largest international travel guider in Sri Lanka and in Asia. We wish all the best to Findmyfare.


Best Hotels in Kandy Town Sri Lanka | 3 Star, 4 Star & 5 Star

Best Hotels in Kandy Town Sri Lanka | 3 Star, 4 Star & 5 Star

Under the hotels in Kandy, it is very important learning few special things about Kandy. As, most of hotels in Kandy seekers, want to stay there and watch the important places in Kandy and surrounding areas. Kandy, also known as Mahanuwara is one major city in Sri Lanka. It was the last capital of Sri Lankan ancient kings. The Kandy city is in the middle of the hills. At present, Kandy is the capital of central province. We can see The Temple of the Tooth Relic, Bogambara Lake and Royal Botanical Gardens in Kandy.
There are a lot of hotels in Kandy for foreigners and local visitors. I have listed these hotels with their full details and contact information.

Hotels in Kandy

1) Royal Bar & Hotel -

Address :
44, King's Street, Kandy, Sri Lanka.
Tel: +94 812 224 449

You can use rooms, bar and restaurant. For more details visit Royal Bar & Hotel in Kandy.

Except those, there are several quality hotels in Kandy which I hope to submit very soon. Before visit to these hotels in Kandy, you can contact them via phone numbers that I have mentioned here and reserve them. Best of Luck from Hotels in Kandy.


Softlogic Laptops | Google Chromebook Pixel 2017, 2015 | Review, Price

Softlogic Laptops | Google Chromebook Pixel 2017, 2015 | Review, Price

Softlogic Laptops CellMax Image
We are Viral Softlogic Laptop Company would like to introduce a laptop which is called as Google Chromebook Pixel. Viral Softlogic Laptop Co. provide wide range of laptops to Sri Lanka and Asia since 2015. Our goal is providing best softlogic laptops to the world.
The Chromebook pixel have been designed to provide computing speedy, secure and simple. By now, softlogic laptop (Chromebook) have become perfect among the laptop users. This is one of the most greatful creation to the partners such as Samsung, Acer, Lenovo and HP. Samsung Chromebooks have come number 01 on Amazon's laptop best seller list. Over 10% of notebook sales are Chromebooks at Currys PC World who is the biggest electronics retailer in the United Kingdom. Viral Softlogic Laptops Co. always try to give the best for their customers.

Hardware, software and design of chromebook pixel have become top quality when compare with the other laptops. These laptops have especially designed to give people the best web experience, said the QS manager: Softlogic Laptops Co..
Chromebook Pixel CellMax Laptop
There are many reasons, to be selected the Chromebooks as the Softlogic Laptops's latest choice. The Chromebooks screen have highest pixel density (239 pixels per inch). All other laptops in the market have low density than the Chromebook pixel. These laptops have sharp text, vivid colors and extra-wide viewing angles. The body have been made with anodized aluminum alloy which brings smooth and durable surface. The touchpad has been made with etched glass.

For Prices and Specs visit: Amazon Chromebook Pixel 2017 & 2015

There are many more special features that Softlogic Laptops can brings you about this featuring Google Chromebook Pixel. We hope to forward several other pointed option and latest laptop news with Viral Softlogic Laptops Co. soon.

Teacher Wants Mutual Transfers (Suhada Maru) from Rathnapura to Kelaniya or Gampaha

A teacher wants mutual transfers (suhada maru) from Rathnapura to Kelaniya or Gampaha. T 1118



Teacher Wants Suhada Maru ( Mutual Transfers ) from Galle to Ratnapura, Avissawella

A teacher wants suhada maru ( mutual transfers ) from Galle to Ratnapura, Avissawella, Bandarawela or Haputale. T1116


Job Vacancies Sri lanka | Government Banks, Airport, Telecom 2018 CellMax

Job Vacancies Sri lanka | Government Banks, Airport, Telecom 2018

Job Vacancies in Sri Lanka CellMaxThis post gives you information on job vacancies Sri Lanka in the current year. There are several job vacancies Sri Lanka sites on the internet. But, I wanted to keep them together to show a list of job vacancies Sri Lanka. I can't recommend any link that I have submitted below. But, you can investigate by them by yourself before you join with these sites and understand their identity. I have given them only for your information.

This site have a lot of job vacancies Sri Lanka information under wide range of categories. This is buying and selling advertisement site in Sri Lanka. Company have listed their existing job vacancies accordingly. There you can find vacancies in government banks, telecom, airport and so on. You can check-out their listing at job vacancies.

Another big job vacancies information site in Sri Lanka. They have listed job vacancies Sri Lanka under each company name. Also, you can use their search box to find your target vacancy. Use this link to visit their vacancies page.
Our blogger is info blog which update weekly. So, we regularly give you latest data for your information on job vacancies Sri Lanka.