Softlogic Laptops | Google Chromebook Pixel 2017, 2015 | Review, Price

Softlogic Laptops | Google Chromebook Pixel 2017, 2015 | Review, Price

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We are Viral Softlogic Laptop Company would like to introduce a laptop which is called as Google Chromebook Pixel. Viral Softlogic Laptop Co. provide wide range of laptops to Sri Lanka and Asia since 2015. Our goal is providing best softlogic laptops to the world.
The Chromebook pixel have been designed to provide computing speedy, secure and simple. By now, softlogic laptop (Chromebook) have become perfect among the laptop users. This is one of the most greatful creation to the partners such as Samsung, Acer, Lenovo and HP. Samsung Chromebooks have come number 01 on Amazon's laptop best seller list. Over 10% of notebook sales are Chromebooks at Currys PC World who is the biggest electronics retailer in the United Kingdom. Viral Softlogic Laptops Co. always try to give the best for their customers.

Hardware, software and design of chromebook pixel have become top quality when compare with the other laptops. These laptops have especially designed to give people the best web experience, said the QS manager: Softlogic Laptops Co..
Chromebook Pixel CellMax Laptop
There are many reasons, to be selected the Chromebooks as the Softlogic Laptops's latest choice. The Chromebooks screen have highest pixel density (239 pixels per inch). All other laptops in the market have low density than the Chromebook pixel. These laptops have sharp text, vivid colors and extra-wide viewing angles. The body have been made with anodized aluminum alloy which brings smooth and durable surface. The touchpad has been made with etched glass.

For Prices and Specs visit: Amazon Chromebook Pixel 2017 & 2015

There are many more special features that Softlogic Laptops can brings you about this featuring Google Chromebook Pixel. We hope to forward several other pointed option and latest laptop news with Viral Softlogic Laptops Co. soon.

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